Watch Online Videos in Half the Time

Each morning Ted Talks serves up a platter of delicious ideas that I have with my breakfast. It’s brain food that I love consuming each day, presented by some of the best thought leaders of today. If you don’t get a regular dose of Ted already I suggest you check it out.

However, each talk goes for up to 20mins (sometimes less, sometimes more). And that’s a big chunk of a morning for me.

It was about two years ago that I stumbled across Enounce MySpeed, a simple program that will allow you to to speed up (or slow down) any flash-based online video such as Ted Talks, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. With Enounce MySpeed I just crank up the speed to twice as fast as normal and consume the info in half the time.

The installation is easy, and the operation even simpler. By default Enounce MySpeed just pops up a simple slider on your screen any time it detects a flash based video playing. So if you can move a slider with your mouse you can use Enounce MySpeed.



Enounce MySpeed corrects pitch on the fly, so you don’t have any silly chipmunk sounding voices at higher speeds. This means that it’s really easy to listen to someone speaking at twice their normal rate (about as fast you would talk if you were really excited).

It’s great for watching lecture style videos faster than normal, or even slowing online tutorials down so you can keep pace a little easier. For the musicians out there you can slow down a YouTube video while still retaining the original pitch which is also worthwhile. The other added bonus that I’ve found is that you can instantly fast-forward those annoying YouTube adverts, especially those longer ones that say “you can skip this ad in 15sec”.

Bottom line: If I just count one Ted Talk a day, Enounce MySpeed saves me at least 8min a day, or 40min a week.

My question for you, what online videos do you watch each day that would benefit from a little speed control?