30 Days to Facebook Freedom

Recently, I worked with a local micro-business to strategise their social media campaign. Before we started she found herself wasting time on Facebook, feeling reactive, lost on how to measure her engagement, and not even sure if it was helping her business.

Since then we have:

  • Designed a social media strategy,
  • Implemented an editorial calendar,
  • Used free tools to schedule posts to maximise her time and increase her exposure, and
  • Began using a bunch of other little known tweaks that squeezed more out of the business Facebook page.

I’m happy to report that now the business feels really pumped about building a brand on Facebook, and is spending less time while getting more business from it. It’s exactly what she was after.

If you can relate to this, and want to build your social media brand next month then your next step is to email me (via the link on the right) with the subject¬†“Yep, I’m keen! Free up my Facebook!” I can only work with a few people at a time, so don’t hesitate too long.

Cheers, Caolan.